YOU have put as much effort into this journey as your son. When's it time to take the next step in his career, you can feel uneasy about this next chapter. We lead YOUR family and son down a financial path already traveled giving YOU a smoother ride. Handling their finances is important, but we also understand the need to relate to them to HELP THEM GROW and MAKE WISE CHOICES.  

Every parent wants the call: “Mom and Dad, I’m going to the big leagues,” or "I just signed the contract." You will get many calls about anxiety or struggles, but you never want the call that the challenges players face have pushed them on the brink of walking away from their dreams. What parents want is to turn their sons over to someone who can offer wisdom and encouragement.

Most players and parents start down the wrong path even prior to the draft, when they face the challenging time of sifting through professional sports services and advisors. Unrealistic expectations are "sold" during the crucial periods when a player and his parents need to create the best network of advisors to keep their son's career moving the right direction.

What is the truth and what are the real motives?

For Wes Hodges, after his dream was handled poorly he became passionate finding the right path for future generations of professional athletes.  I know how painful it is when your dream is taken away. How does this happen with the help of a professional? I discovered you can’t take someone someplace you’ve never been. Wisdom is only gained through experience.

The approach Pure Sports Capital clients receive is crafted carefully because it was personally traveled by Wes and his family. It's not an idea or theory. This approach gives your family the best chance for success.

You have worked too hard and there is too much at stake to not take the time to have a conversation or receive an experienced opinion; call Wes to learn more about our approach.