Every player dreams of being a star in the big leagues, we understand how challenging the path to get there and stay there is. YOU operate in an environment where focus is key to playing at the highest level, so it can be unsettling to feel like you are in a fog about your financial situation. YOU need someone who speaks YOUR language and understands YOUR culture, giving YOU crystal clear clarity on YOUR financial picture.

Often times financial advisors lead players like you into situations that take you further away from your dreams while you’re unaware of what’s happening. Players can be led down a path where seemingly small financial decisions bring major consequences later when much more is at stake for you and your family.

The results of this counsel are distractions which lead to financial distress that leads you off the path for a long career or healthy marriage. Our role is to point out the challenges coming your way before they become a crisis so you won’t get distracted.

My personal experience was working with people who did not have the ability to get me where I wanted to go or knew which questions to ask which matter most. I’m offering you my time and experience to make sure you’re on the right track to achieve the goals you desire.