Are you concerned about what's next? We understand that professional sports can be a roller coaster that requires sacrifice. Having a plan for all stages of YOUR family's career gives YOU the ability to enjoy today while working towards YOUR SECURE FUTURE. 

As glamorous as this life can be, many things stand in the way of enjoying this unique experience: whether it is dealing with lack of control, concerned about what’s next, struggling with being content, your lifestyle being interrupted, or never being considered during this journey.  It can be frustrating at times.

Your concerns are valid and must be considered. It is scary to not have a plan now and especially for exiting out of the game. Wives ask; will our dreams be achieved if things don't work out as planned?

I have seen first-hand the broken marriages of teammates and financial strain of slowly creeping into distractions. Will our dreams be achieved if things don’t work out as planned? 

We create a financial map for each phase of your family’s career. My wife and I personally traveled the different phases of a professional sports career, and we seek to pass along our wisdom to you. When we plan for your future and work towards securing the most important things in your family, you can enjoy the sports industry.

We help you let go of an expectation defined for you and help you grab hold of the life YOU create. Why wait?